Token Curated Registries
A token curated registry (TCR) creates economic incentive for decentralized consensus-based curation.
To submit candidacy for membership in a given registry, an applicant must stake an amount of the native token.
Curators vote on whether or not to add the accept or reject the applicant.
If accepted, a portion of the applicant’s deposit is distributed amongst curators that voted “yes”, and the rest is stored in a bounty pool to reward successful challengers in the future. If rejected, a portion of the deposit goes to those that voted “no”, and the remainder is returned to the applicant.
A curator can challenge an entry’s membership at any time by staking the native token in an amount equal to the entry’s current bounty pool. If successful, the challenger and curators on the winning side split the entry’s bounty pool and it is removed from the list. If rejected, the winning curators split the challenger’s stake.
The Cardinal DAO will employ a TCR model to faciliate governance over domain-speicifc registries of NFT issuers.
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