Ownership & Authentication
Cardinal will provide a scanner for verifying ownership and validity of NFTs via a Cardinal TCR membership check in face-to-face contexts. Validation will include the owners wallet signing a piece of data containing their public key, the mint address of their NFT, their name, and a short expiration. This data will be encoded in a QR code that the validating party will scan with the device. It will complete the following:
  • Verify the signature on the validation token using the provided public key
  • Verify that the expiration time of the validation token has not passed and is not too far out
  • Query the blockchain and check that the public key provided does in fact own one of these NFTs on chain
  • Check the initial issuer of that asset on the blockchain and ensure they are in the list of verified issuers
Upon completion of these steps, an illuminated check mark will appear on the scanner indicating that the token is authentic.
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