Token Proxy Methods

Since the underlying token is frozen by the mint manager, the default SPL-Token program instructions do not work out of the box. A set of new instructions are needed that act as 1:1 proxies to the SPL-Token instructions.
In each proxy method, we simply thaw the token, call the SPL-token method, and re-freeze the token. The only detail in the proxy transfer instruction is that the rules in the mint manager's ruleset are enforced before transferring the token.
  • thaw
  • *action*
  • freeze
Functionally speaking, the Creator Standard is no different than the regular token program (and in the future other token programs like token-22). The only difference is that the additional set of rules (allowlist/denylist specified by the token's ruleset) is enforced in the transfer proxy.


Program diagram of thaw, transfer and re-freeze on transfer